„The changes do not bother me anymore” - Interview with Dave Clarke

You're notoriously critic about things. No matter if it's politics or the scene you're working in. How do you feel about the changes of electronic music?

To be honest the changes do not bother me anymore. I am so deep in my scene that I do not care about EDM or any other silliness. Real world politics still involve my mind, not sure why they do as I have little input these days, but we should all be in a better place than we are.

Nowadays voices are saying electronic music became a quite mainstream thing. How do you feel about it? Is it still an underground scene? I mean, sometimes it's very not clear what can we call mainstream, since DJs, who play really underground sounds, are having hundreds of thousands of fans. What do you think about techno is living its second renaissance?

I have been playing Techno since the late 80's, I am in it as a purist with love, so happy it is doing well, but the majority of it mislabeled, it is Tech House, a left over from minimal. Underground is a state of mind where music comes before narcissism.

Some people say that techno died in the middle of 2000's and they want to get back to that era. What is your opinion?

I am still alive and lived through the 2000's. ;-)

You teamed up with Black Asteroid and Mr. Jones for Roijacker. Black Asteroid and you'll play at BÓNUSZ Electronic Music Festival. Can you tell us more about this project?

Just a fun one off (for now at least) we all got drunk and went in the studio under a full moon.

How do you feel about your past gigs in Hungary?

Always fun.

Do you have any expectations about your next gig in Hungary, and what can we expect from you at BÓNUSZ Electronic Music Festival?

More fun. ;-)