Cloakroom problems and lost properties!

If you had any cloakroom problems or you've lost properties at BÓNUSZ Electronic Music Festival 2015, please write to the following email addresses.



REBEKAH"S Statement!

Because Rebekah unfortunately missed her flight connection in Paris, she had to cancel her gig at BÓNUSZ Electronic Music Festival 2015. As she wrote on her Facebook page: „Massive apologies to everyone who came to see me at BÓNUSZ Electronic Music Festival (...)" and

The time has come: BÓNUSZ Festival 2015 on Saturday!

We have only a few hours to go until BÓNUSZ Electronic Music Festival, the greatest indoor electronic music event of Central Europe. There will be nearly 40 international and Hungarian DJs with us from the top line of the scene to party the whole night together at Hungexpo Budapest.

„Cant wait to come back to Budapest!” – Interview with Dyro for BÓNUSZ Festival

What got you into DJing and producing, and when did you produce your first track?

I started out making music in my bedroom and spending time on forums like Laidback Luke"s back when I was studying. I think its important to educate yourself and practice, practice, practice. My debut track "Daftastic" was played by Hardwell at Electric Zoo and released on Revealed Recordings back in 2011.


HelloPay at 2015 BÓNUSZ Festival!

For the easier and simpler payments, we will have a cash-free payment system at this year's BÓNUSZ Electronic Music Festival again, provided by HelloPay®.
The guests of BÓNUSZ festival can add Bónusz Dollars to their HelloPay® cards at the designated pay stations. A 400 HUF deposit payment will be charged on the prepaid credit. This deposit will be refunded when cashing in the remaining credit. The value of one Bónusz Dollar is 200 HUF. The prices of all the drinks, foods and shop items will be listed in Bónusz Dollars.

BÓNUSZ Electronic Music Festival 2015 tickets are available at BP Shop!

From now you can also buy your tickets personally at BP Shop stores for the 2015 BÓNUSZ Electronic Music Festival, Central-Europe's biggest indoor electronic music festival. Tickets are available in the below stores:
- BP Shop Wesselényi: 1077 Budapest, Wesselényi utca 24.
- BP Shop Westend: Westend City Center, 1062 Budapest, Váci út 1-3., ground-floor, Széchenyi nkrt. 7/A
- BP Shop Árkád: Árkád, 1106 Budapest, Örs vezér tere 25. - 1st floor, Árkád 2 passageway.

„The changes do not bother me anymore” - Interview with Dave Clarke

You're notoriously critic about things. No matter if it's politics or the scene you're working in. How do you feel about the changes of electronic music?

Dubfire Came Out With a New Remix for Joseph Capriati!

A few emblematic character of the techno scene reinterpreted some tracks from Joseph Capriati's latest album 'Self Portrait'. Dubfire also made a new version of Capriati's track Fratello. With his well known elegancy and artistic demand Dubfire gave new taste of the track, which will most likely become one of the favourite tunes of the clubs and festivals.

Current ticket prices for BÓNUSZ Electronic Music Festival 2015!

The ticket sales of BÓNUSZ Electronic Music Festival 2015 will come to another turning point by 31st October, as the prices of pre-sale tickets rise to 37 EUR for the Festival. The limited pre-sale tickets are still available until 21st November, which are puchased online for 29 EUR via the festival's online ticket system. Please note that these special discount tickets need to be validated until 22:00 on the day of the event.

„It is the music which comes out of me” – Interview with Black Asteroid

There's no doubt that Bryan Black is one of the most characteristic figure of the contemporary techno scene who instantly became one of the crowd's favorite artists on HYPERSPACE 2015. Tthe born of his unmistakeable sound and his remarkable presence in the scene was prefaced by a long and exciting way, meanwhile he was working with several icons of Pop music. On 21st of November Bryan Black aka Black Asteroid will return to Hungary to perform for the crowd of DEADCODE Arena at BÓNUSZ Electronic Music Festival 2015.

Dyro"s Latest Track Blowed Up The Internet

Dyro"s latest track "Like a Boss" was released around a week ago and immediately blowed up the internet and will surely bang THUNDER Arena at BÓNUSZ Electronic Music Festival on 21st November. Yes, Dyro will also be among us at the greatest one-day-long indoor electronic music festival in

Surgeon & Lady Starlight at BÓNUSZ Electronic Music Festival!

Surgeon, the techno legend of Birmingham and one of the highglists of the artistic techno scene in our days also defined a milestone in the history of pop music. As the guest of Lady Gaga's iconic concert in Paris, Surgeon with
Lady Starlight on his side gave the pop-thirsty audience a little taste of analog techno.

Organize your frineds in a group of 10 for BÓNUSZ Electronic Music Festival!

Group tickets are available for 260 EUR for BÓNUSZ Electronic Music Festival, ordered via DEADCODE's online ticket system. Orders can be submitted only if there are 5 girls out of your 10 size group. The group tickets can be used individually, so it is not neccesary for the members to arrive in the same time, and they are also qualified as full price tickets, so there's no time limit for the entry.

Stadiumx’s Remix for David Guetta is Over 2 Million!

Coming from Hungary and blowing up throughout the biggest festival stages around the world, Stadiumx's remix for David Guetta has already reached over 2 million views on YouTube. On 21 November Stadiumx will also blow up the THUNDER Arena of BÓNUSZ Electronic Music Festival.

Tujamo & Danny Avila: New Track and Video!

On 11 September Tujamo released his track collaboration with Danny Avila called 'Cream' with a video which is also a nice verbal and a visual shock. Tujamo will arrive to BÓNUSZ Electronic Music Festival on 21 November as a guest of THUNDER Arena.

Here’s An Other Video From Loco Dice!

In the last couple of weeks Loco Dice has been dishing out several videos: he recently dished 'Sending This One Out' and previously he had dished out the video of 'Get Comfy' his track in collaboration with Giggs. Loco Dice will arrive to BÓNUSZ Electronic Music Festival on 21 November to B MY LAKE Arena to show why is he one of the most popular DJs and producers of the world.

DVBBS Attacks With Their New Video!

A new video of the track 'Never Leave' by the Canadian duo DVBBS has been published. This track could easily become an anthem of the world's biggest festivals. You can also hear it for yourself live on stage on 21 November at BÓNUSZ Electronic Music Festival, when DVBBS will arrive in Budapest!

Loco Dice published the video for ’Sending This One Out!

Loco Dice recently published the official video to his track 'Sending This One Out' which was made with his partner in crime Just Blaze in this year's August. On 21 November Loco Dice will be will be one of the guests of BÓNUSZ Electronic Music Festival's B MY LAKE Arena.

DISCOUNT TICKETS TO BÓNUSZ FESTIVAL available until 30 September!

The ticket sales of BÓNUSZ Electronic Music Festival 2015 is coming to a turning point on 30 September. The price of the advance tickets will be raised to 8 990 HUF and the special discount tickets - which can only be validated until 22:00 on the night of the event - will be sold for 7 990 HUF. These special early entry tickets can only be purchased online at www.deadcode.hu/ticket. The price of a VIP ticket will be 15 000 HUF from October 1.