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Did you know?

Non-redeemed BÓNUSZ Festival tickets for 2022 and 2021 are automatically valid for BÓNUSZ Festival 2022 on the 15th October!

Upgrade your Bónusz Festival 2022 ticket to VIP!

You can upgrade any standard advance ticket purchased for the Bónusz Festival 2022 to a VIP ticket, so you can enjoy the benefits of the VIP throughout the festival!

All you have to do is buy the VIP Upgrade ticket in addition to your existing standard ticket and validate both tickets together at the entrance marked VIP.

Bónusz Electronic Music Festival 2022 - Official Trailer!

The official trailer of BONUSZ Electronic Music Festival 2022 can now be viewed on Deadcode Production's YouTube channel!

Organize yourselves into a group of 10!

Organize yourselves into a group of 10 with your friends and acquaintances for the BÓNUSZ Electronic Music Festival 2022 and if there are minimum 5 girls out of your 10 size group then you are ready to purchase the 109 900 HUF discount group tickets for BÓNUSZ Festival 2022 via the official page of the festival (www.bonuszfesztival.hu).

Bónusz Festival 2022 ticket price change on the 15th September!

You only have a few days left to get your discounted tickets!

The tickets for 15990 HUF with no time limitation for the Bónusz Electronic Music Festival 2022 are available till the 15th September on the Bónusz Festival's official website.