„It is the music which comes out of me” – Interview with Black Asteroid

There's no doubt that Bryan Black is one of the most characteristic figure of the contemporary techno scene who instantly became one of the crowd's favorite artists on HYPERSPACE 2015. Tthe born of his unmistakeable sound and his remarkable presence in the scene was prefaced by a long and exciting way, meanwhile he was working with several icons of Pop music. On 21st of November Bryan Black aka Black Asteroid will return to Hungary to perform for the crowd of DEADCODE Arena at BÓNUSZ Electronic Music Festival 2015.

Before you became one of the most charateristic figure of the contemporary techno scene, you had a great antecedent in your career. Can you remind those times for us?

I started my career working with Prince. I grew up in Minneapolis and our paths crossed. I learned so much from this experience, I started my own band called „haloblack". My first releases were industrial - a mix of synthesizers and rock elements. I toured with haloblack for a few years, then I moved to London, England. I went headfirst into techno and started a band called „Motor" - we toured with Depeche Mode and Gary Numan. After a few albums with Motor, I wanted to work by myself on a solo project which I called „Black Asteroid" - this is my dream project which represents everything I like about music, fashion and art.

You have a good contact with Martin L. Gore. Time to time he"s seen in Black Asteroid t-shirts during his performance, besides he usually plays your tracks, and you made one of the best known remix for Depeche Mode. Would you tell us about your relation?

We became friends when I was in Motor - we were both on Mute records. I found out he was a fan of my music and a mutal friend from Nitzer Ebb introduced us. Since then we toured together, made a music video and I remixed a single from their last album. He is one of my favourite song writers.

How you started Black Asteroid?

After the last Motor album „Man Made Machine", I felt the time was right to return to techno. It felt like we accomplished so much with Motor - but it was getting too difficult to work within a band, and the best way for me to pursue a raw techno sound was on my own. I wrote the first single „Engine 1" to showcase this new sound - which was completely different to anything going on in techno. CLR were quick to release it and I was instantly thrown into this exciting techno scene I didn't know existed before.

Fashion, brutalism, and the philosophy of black color. Just a few things which determine your music and character. From where do you take inspiration for your art?

I get inspired by art, architecture and fashion. I don"t listen to techno at home, but it is the music which comes out of me. I often try and create a soundtrack to an image that inspires me. Music for me is not complete unless there is a visual element to compliment it. For this reason, all of my singles have music videos and a special focus on packaging and album art.

Your tour Pitch Black is on it's way. How is it going and can you tell us about it?

Yes, we just finished New York and Chicago. It"s been great, we have our own visuals and curate the lineups. Function and Paul Ritch joined me and Cold Cave on the first leg. The idea is to create an environment which faithfully represents this music. Pitch Black helps bring together the dark techno and dark fashion.

You"ll return to Hungary to BÓNUSZ Electronic Music Festival. What do you expect from your return, and what can we expect from you in DEADCODE / Red Arena?

Its an honor to play in DEADCODE Arena. At HYPERSPACE I really connected with the audience, it was obvious to me that I needed to come back asap. I will be testing out new tracks at BÓNUSZ and preparing something special as always.

Dániel Ágoston